Linda Przybyszewski, PhD

photo by Cathy Dietz Photography



Professor Pski with some of her own creations. The navy sailor is straw trimmed with silk ribbons, the navy pillbox is felt trimmed with horsehair and a jeweled dragonfly, and the burgundy half-hat is trimmed with velvet and pom-poms.


Professor Pski took her first millinery workshop at Judith M. Millinery in LaGrange, Indiana. It was taught by master milliner Laura Hubka.


For more on Judith M.                                  For more on Laura Hubka.



Professor Pski's blouse is from a 1930s pattern from Eva Dress.

One Dress for Every Day


In 1918, Mary Brooks Picken told the story of a thrifty businesswoman who wore the same dress to work every day for two years with only a change of collars and cuffs.


Professor Pski decided to try it herself by wearing the same dress to work every day for a month.


Would anyone notice? Only one student said she had.



“I never enjoyed my clothes more, and I shall never

own more than four dresses at a time for as long as I live.”


                                                So said the thrifty business woman in 1918.