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  • Sport, America & the World
  • U.S. National Security Policy
  • War and the Modern World
  • U.S. And Post-Colonial Wars

 Professor Soares was the Fulbright Visiting Research Chair in North American Studies at Carleton University, Ottawa, Ontario, Canada in Fall 2010. He was consulted on Red Army (2015).

    "Cold War Hot Ice"


This book project tells the story of international ice hockey during the Cold War in Canada, the United States, the Soviet Union and Czechoslovakia. It shows how hockey programs helped to create national identities while serving as a form of psychological warfare and cultural diplomacy. Or, to quote Canadian

Will Ferguson: "Remember, hockey is not a metaphor for war; war is a metaphor for hockey."

 John A. Soares, Jr.

So, whom should a historian of law, culture, and fashion marry?
Why, a historian of foreign policy, war, and sport, of course! Introducing my husband.



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  • "Hockey Diplomacy and U.S.-Canadian Relations in the Early Trudeau Years," 40:5 Diplomatic History (2016): 810-825.
  • "Assuming 'Its Place Among the Ice Hockey Centers in the Nation':The Capitals and Hockey in Washington,DC," in DC Sports: The Nation’s Capital at Play (University of Arkansas Press 2015) Winner of the Best Edited Collection by the North American Society for Sport History.
  • "'Our Way of Life Against Theirs:" Ice Hockey and the Cold War," in Diplomatic Games: Sport, Statecraft, and International Relations Since 1945, edited by Heather L. Dichter and Andrew L. Johns (University Press of  Kentucky, 2014).
  • "Very Correct Adversaries’: The Cold War on Ice from 1947 to the Squaw Valley Olympics,” Winner of Best Article Prize published in The International Journal of the History of Sport in2013.



  • Ph.D.       History, George Washington University
  • M. Phil.    History, George Washington University

  • B.A.     International Relations, University of Virginia